Open Frame

State of the art...

… turnkey, all in one LCD solutions designed to meet the thinnest form factor requirements.

The ITG intelligent panel has both advanced picture and brightness features with sizes ranging from 5.7” to 42”.

ITG has a product for you that can meet your needs and budget.

Regardless of your application, ITG has a huge selection of open-frame displays that have been designed for convenience and easy integration.  These products are cost effective, rugged and designed to last.

Options include:

Sizes from 5.7” to 42”


Resistive touch

PCAP touch





Factory automation

Public displays


Built for maximum reliability, durability, and user appeal for years to come

Part NumberSizeControllerPDF
OF070-L1000-VNS7"With Venus 2 board
OF080-L530-33688" With Orion 3368 board
OF080-L530-VNS8"With Venus 2 board
OF101-L350-3368-PCAP10.1"PCAP with Built in Android board
OF103-L900-3368-Incell10.25"PCAP with ARM53 board
OF150-L300-VNS15"With Venus 2 board
OF156-L450-VNS15.6"With Venus 2 board
OF170-L400-VNS17"With Venus 2 board
OF192-L300-VNS19.2" stretchedWith Venus 2 board
OF215-L250-3288-Incell21.5"PCAP with built in Android board
OF215-L1500-3288-PCAP21.5"High Bright PCAP with built in Android
OF215-L250-3368-Incell23.8"PCAP with Built in Android board
OF320-L500-3368-Incell32"PCAP with Built in Android board
OF320SP-L500-VNS-Incell32"PCAP with built in Venus 2 board